Features: Continuous Level

  • On demand level measurement system based on proven and reliable principle of operation
  • Microcontroller based electronics for fast and accurate measurements, with resolution of .15"
  • Electromechanical remote sensing devices link through PC, DCS, or PLC communication to create an inventory management system with process control
  • System will supervise one to an unlimited number of vessels (30 per serial port)
  • Minimal field wiring (twisted pair cable & 2 power lines) design reduces installation and expenses
  • Graphical presentation of percent full, measurement to and of product, weight and remote sensor status
  • IMS software package provides audible and visual indicators, high/low level alarm, measurement scheduling, inventory history data files, and printer interface capabilities
  • Stainless steel cable with captive pulleys and cable spool
  • Variety of probe designs for solids, slurries, and liquids
  • Explosion proof enclosure -Class I Groups C&D, and Class II Groups E, F, & G

Products: Continuous Level

Smart Bob II

The new SmartBob II is the smartest, toughest, and most cost effective remote inventory sensor on the market. The new robust design of the SmartBob II Remote will provide years of maintenance free service in vessels up to 150 feet.
SmartSonic is for continuous non-contact level measuring and monitoring of tanks, bins, and silos. The SmartSonic system features a variety of ultrasonic transmitters and broad processor capabilities that provide remote display and full communication solutions.
SmartWave is for continuous non-contact level measuring and monitoring of tanks, bins, and silos. The SmartWave Transmitter is very accurate, noiseless, and features self-adjusting pulse radar at an economical price.
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