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BinMaster provides the most rugged, reliable Level Indicators

to automate your materials handling and keep your processes running more smoothly. Our level Indicators are working throughout the world enduring the toughest Level Indicator applications. Power generation to flour milling, in storage and process tanks or bins, containing many different dry and liquid materials including:

GrainsCoal and OresCement and SandAggregates

Select from a complete line of Level Indicators, flow detection controls and dust detection controls to custom fit your application. You can choose a Level Indicator to activate a high/low alarm and automatically stop or start machinery. Level Indicators can monitor flow/no flow conditions of solids and powders in pipelines, chutes & feeders. On demand or continuous Level Indicators provide level monitoring for inventory; management, history & measurement scheduling.

BinMaster’s Model BMRX Rotary Level Indicator performance enhancements have significantly improved the reliability of this type of Level Indicator used to prevent bin overflow, empty conditions, clogged chutes and jammed conveyors. Also, BinMaster Rotary Level Indicators can be installed almost anywhere dry bulk materials are stored. A Rotary Level Indicator is only as reliable as its motor. BinMaster builds the BMRX Model & the Maxima+ Genuine Fail Safe Model Level Indicators, with a specially design synchronous motor that features “de-energized” operation. That is, the motor shuts down when material is present rather than entering a “stalled” condition. This together with a bi-directional slip clutch & a four bearing drive shaft assembly, make the BinMaster Rotary Level Indicator the most reliable unit you can buy.

BinMaster ProCap Series Capacitance Level Indicators are reliable & affordable on/off level switches. They are considered to be not as invasive as the Rotary Level indicator. These units also provide a reliable & versatile means of Point Level Control. The ProCap series Level Indicators use advanced integrated circuit technology operating at low frequency to achieve both high sensitivity & stable calibration. The ProCap series Level Indicator provides: “Quick Set” calibration that is performed without material present, taking less than 20 seconds to perform. Unsurpassed protection from static electricity. “PRO Shield” protection against false readings because of coating or build-up on the probe. A strong, durable 5/8” diameter stainless steel probe. Standard abrasion resistant Delrin or Teflon insulated probes for use in solids, powders, slurries or liquids. These extremely sensitive Level Indicators can sense material with a capacitance of ½ picofarad above air.

BinMaster VR Series Vibrating Level Indicators are a vibration type on/off level switch. The VR series sensors are piezoelectric devices with a single blade vibrating element. When material comes into contact with the probe, the vibration is dampened. This change in vibration is detected by the unit’s electronics, activating a relay signal. This low energy highly sensitive probe, can reliably sense not only heavy density materials but also sense very light products down to 1.25 pounds per cubic foot. It is also the perfect unit for sensing wide variations of products with different bulk densities & capacitance ratings that may be used in the same process, hopper or bin. The BinMaster VR level Indicator uses a single blade design. The biggest advantage of the single knife edge blade design is that …. well it’s a single blade. This eliminates problems associated with the popular fork design like material build-up & bridging on the fork that causes inaccurate results. The VR series Level Indicator is extendable with a solid tube extension up to 13 ft & up to 20 ft through the use of a flex cable. BinMaster’s SHT series vibrating Level Indicator works in applications with high process temperatures up to 482ºF.

For applications that require a more finite Inventory Management system, BinMaster has developed & refined the BinMaster SmartBob II On Demand/Continuous Level Indicator. The SmartBob II remote is the core component of a proven, reliable level measurement system using cable-based censoring technology. When combined with its powerful Windows-based eBob software program and remote push-button control consoles, SmartBob II offers the strongest and smartest cable-based inventory measurement system on the market today – with the ability to manage from one up to 128 bins of heights up to 180 feet. SmartBob II can be uniquely configured using a variety of probe designs and extensions for solid, slurry, and liquid applications. Long-lasting, hassle-free service is ensured by SmartBob’s unsurpassed cable cleaning system. SmartBob2 is extremely rugged, featuring the industry’s strongest cable and motor design which is completely sealed in a strong, lightweight molded polycarbonate enclosure which is explosion proof and rated for Class II, Groups E, F & G certifications. Requiring no field calibration, SmartBob II is easy to install, needs minimal wiring, or can be used with the SmartBob wireless transceiver. Controls & inventory management software are available to interface with a customer’s PC. Various interfaces are available to use the SmartBobII Level Indicator with existing PLC or distributive control systems. MUCM Communication devices are also offered to connect the SmartBob II equipment into an existing control system when performing communication translations between serial protocols. The MUCM is easy to program and eliminates the need for analog input and output cards. The SmartBob II High Temp Level Indicator is for applications where the process temperature is between 240ºF and 500º F.

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