Features: Dust Detection

  • Designed to monitor the flow of articulate emissions through filter in a dust collector or bag house
  • Our Triboelectric probe gives the BinMaster Dust Detects the most accurate reading of any dust monitoring system currently available (detects both fly-by and impact particulate).
  • Emissions readings are averaged, not smoothed, to eliminate false readings
  • The Dust Detect 2000 has a pre-warning indicator that will alert you to potentially hazardous situations at 4x the normal, and will go into alarm status at 16x the normal
  • The Dust Detect 1000 is designed with instantaneous and selectable alarm points. With the Dust Detect 1000 the alarm is 2x the pre-alarm setting.
  • The Dust Detect 1000 is available with optional 4-20 mA output for use with a PLC
  • The Dust Detect 1000 & 2000 can start monitoring from 1mg/m3 (dust becomes visible at 50mg/m3)
  • Particle size will have and effect by a shift in dealing with misses or near misses, but is inversely proportional to particle size and will not have a significant effect on the reading
  • Control on the Dust Detect 2000 may be located up to 500 ft. from probe

Products: Dust Detection

Dust Detect 1000
The Dust Detect 1000 monitors the flow of particulate emissions through a filter in a dust collector or bag house. It easily installs in the exhaust duct of your air filtration system and can be used with several types of filtration systems.
Dust Detect, Detection 1000
Dust Detect 2000
The Dust Detect 2000 is designed to monitor the flow of particulate emissions through a filter in a dust collection system. It helps you prevent the loss of valuable product, dramatically improve the safety of your plant, and virtually eliminate emissions related shutdowns. This model differs from the Dust Detect 1000 in that it offers the convenience of a remote control unit for the sensing probe.
Dust Detect, Detection 2000


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