BinMaster Level Control Product Specifications - Dust Detect 2000

BinMaster product sheet: Dust Detection: Dust Detect 2000

The Dust Detect 2000 is designed to monitor the flow of particulate emissions through a filter in a dust collection system. It helps you prevent the loss of valuable product, dramatically improve the safety of your plant, and virtually eliminate emissions related shutdowns. This model differs from the Dust Detect 1000 in that it offers the convenience of a remote control unit for the sensing probe. With its many features, the Dust Detect 2000 is the most accurate and dependable dust monitoring system available.

  • Continuous monitoring of dust concentration
  • Triboelectric probe gives most accurate readings available
  • Emissions readings are averaged, not smoothed, to eliminate false readings
  • Pre-warning indicator alerts you to potentially hazardous situations
  • Tri-color LED readout displays unit status at all times
  • Control unit may be located up to 500 feet from sensing probe
  • Can be used with several types of filtration systems
Specifications: Sensor Probe
Enclosure: Die Cast Aluminum, FDA Approved
Power Requirement: Low Voltage, Supplied By DDC Control Console
Operating Temperature: -40° to +160°F (-40° to +71°C)
Stack Temperature: +250°F (+107°C)
Process Connection: 1 ¼" NPT
Conduit Connection: ¾" NPT
Cable Specification: 8 Conductor Shielded Cable, Maximum Length 500 Feet
Sensor Red: Stainless Steel
3, 6, & 12" Standard, 1.5 - 36" Custom Lengths Available
Approvals Pending: NEMA 4X, Class II, Groups E, F & G

Specifications: Control Console

Enclosure: 8" x 6" x 4" Fiberglass, NEMA 4X, 12 & 13
Power Requirement: Selectable, 115/230 VAC, 60/50 Hz
Operating Temperature: -25° to +160°F (-32° to +71°C)
Output: Two SPDT 5A Relays (pre-warning and alarm)
Tri-color LED:
Green - Normal
Solid Orange - Pre-warning (4x reference)
Red - Alarm Condition (16x reference)
Flashing Orange - Calibrating
Flashing Red - Reference Not Set
Fail-Safe: Optional
Alarm Delay: Activated After Completion of Average Calculation
(up to a 2 minute delay)
Sensitivity Adjustment: "Quick Set" button
Approvals: Ordinary Locations, Industrial Control Equipment