Features: Rotary Paddle

  • De-energized motor operation extends service life due to the reduction of wear and operating temperature
  • Bi-directional clutch assembly prevents gears from stripping when material shifts and rotares paddle clockwise or counter clockwise
  • Three-bearing drive shaft assembly reduces motor drag during paddle rotation which increases motor service life

Individual Features

GR II Maxima:

Fail-Safe electronics provides an instantaneous corrective response in the event of a power or motor failure
Supervisory Circuitry monitors motors operation and shaft rotation
Visual LED on housing indicates sensor status: Uncovered, Covered, and fault condition
USDA powder coated finish
NRTL/C approvals for UL and CSA standards, ClassI Groups E, F & G hazardous locations.

Products: Rotary Paddle

BMRX Series
The BMRX series of rotary paddles features a basic rugged design that provides for simple, dependable operation. They can be used as a high or low level control for solid material storage and flow. Prevent bin overflows, empty conditions, clogged chutes and jammed conveyors with a GR level control.

GR II Maxima
The GR II Maxima provides reliable point level detection for bulk solids, including powder, pellet and granular materials. The unit's status is continually monitored, and its fail-safe circuitry will fall to a "safe" condition in the event of a power loss or mechanical failure.
Rotary GR II Maxima

The Mini-Rotary is an economical, compact rotary level control that has been designed for use in small bins and hoppers. The small yet rugged design allows you to use the Mini-Rotary where other level controls simply won't fit.

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