BinMaster Level Control Product Specifications - Mini-Rotary

BinMaster product sheet: Rotary Paddle: Mini-Rotary

The Mini-Rotary is an economical, compact rotary level control that has been designed for use in small bins and hoppers. The small yet rugged design allows you to use the Mini-Rotary where other level sensors simply won’t fit.

  • Compact design ideal for small bins, hoppers, and feeders
  • Simple to install
  • No calibration required
  • De-Energizing motor extends motor life
  • Motor slip-clutch prevents gear damage
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 3/4” NPT mounting
  • Optional sensing paddles


Specifications: Mini-Rotary
Contact Rating : SPDT 3A @ 250 VAC
Input Voltage: 24/110/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 1
Enclosure Material: Polycarbonate
Shaft Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Paddle Material: High Strength Polycarbonate or 304 Stainless Steel
Paddle Speed: 1 rpm
Wiring Cable: 18 AWG, 12 inch cable
Temperature Range:

-4° F to +300° F

Weight: .77 lb.
Mounting: ¾” PF

Magnetic Slip Clutch prevents damage to motor gears