Features: Vibrating Rod

  • Suitable for High and Low Level Indication or plugged chute detection
  • Detects extremely light, fluffy materials and materials with low dielectric constants
  • Unique "Blade" probe design reduces false alarms caused by buildup
  • Insertion length adjustable from 7.37" to 19.5'
  • Switch selectable high/low Fail-safe

Products: Vibrating Rod

VR Series
The VR Series of vibrating rods are piezoelectric devices with a single blade-shaped vibrating element. Material coming into contact with the probe dampens the vibration; material falling away returns the unit to normal vibration. This allows the unit to be used for high or low level indication.
Vibrating Rod VR Series
CVR-600 Series
The CVR-600 Compact Vibrating Rod is an economical, single rod, compact point level control that has been designed for use in small bins and hoppers. The small yet rugged design allows you to use CVR-600 where other level sensors simply won’t fit.
Vibrating Rod CVR-600


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