Features: Tilt Switch & Pressure Sensitive

Diaphragm Controls
  • Simple rugged construction
  • Low cost
  • High, intermediate or low level applications

Tilt Switch

  • Highly sensitive
  • Reliable, simple operation
  • Low cost
  • Lightweight, yet rugged
  • High-level or limit switch applications


Products: Tilt Switch & Pressure Sensitive

BM 45 Series
Do you need simple, low cost point level control with lasting reliability? BM 45 series diaphragms are designed for nonhazardous free flowing dry materials in high or low level applications. The simple yet reliable operating mechanism requires minimal maintenance.
BM 45 Series Pressure Sensitive
BM 65 Series
BinMaster diaphragms provide automatic level indication of free flowing dry materials in high, intermediate and low level applications. The BM65 series has the same operating benefits as the BM45 series, but is designed for use in hazardous atmospheres charged with combustible dust.
BM 65 Series Pressure Sensitive
Tilt Switch
The BinMaster Tilt Switch Level Indicator is a versatile, low-cost indicator which can be used for a wide variety of applications. Install as a plug detector in chutes, or use it to detect high levels of large heavy materials in tanks, bins or silos. It is also suited as a load sensor when positioned over conveyor belts or open piles. The Tilt Switch is suspended in a bin or over an open pile or conveyor. When the material level rises, the switch tilts, breaking the circuit. The unit's single moving part offers both simplicity and reliability. Device sensitivity may be increased with optional accessory paddles.
Tilt Switch



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