BinMaster Level Control Product Specifications - Flow Detect 1000

BinMaster product sheet: Flow Detection: Flow Detect 1000

The Flow Detect 1000 is a high quality, industrial grade instrument that senses flow/no-flow conditions of solids and powders in pneumatic pipelines, gravity chutes and feeders. The solid state sensor unit is virtually unaffected by humidity, ambient light, pressure, vacuum, temperature, noise, electrical signals, non-metallic build-up or dust. The control console is equipped with self-monitoring features, LED readout, and separate time delay adjustments for both flow and no-flow conditions. We're confident you'll find the Flow Detect 1000 to be the right choice for reliable flow detection!

  • Reliable Doppler technology
  • Can indicate flow/no flow conditions of solids and powders in pipelines, chutes, and feeders
  • Non-intrusive flush mounting senses through non-metallic surfaces
  • Non-contact operation eliminates flow stream interruption and equipment wear
  • Control settings can be made without accessing the remote sensor probe
  • Fail-safe power protection and loop fault monitor
  • "Quick Set" selectable, single turn calibration
  • Explosion proof design

Specifications: Remote Sensor Probe FDS1000
Enclosure: Aluminum, Urethane Powder Coat, NEMA 4X
Power Requirement: Provided By FDC1000 Control Console, Low Voltage
Operating Temperature: -22° to +158°F (-30° to +70°C)
Process Temperature Max: +250°F (+121°C)
If Ambient Air Temperature Is Below +150°F (+65°C)
Process Seal: TFE Teflon
Process Connection: 1 ¼" NPT (flush mount with half coupling)
Conduit Connection: ¾" NPT
Detection Range: Up To 10' Depending On Target
Interconnect Wiring: 5 Conductor Cable to FDC1000 Control Console
Indicators: Green LED - Power
Red LED - Loop Current
Emission: 24.125 GHz, Less Than 1mW/cm2
(OSHA limit is 10mW/cm2)
Approvals: Intrinsically Safe When Connected To FDC1000 Control Unit, Class II, Groups E, F & G, FCC Part 15 Certification

Specifications: Control Console FDC1000

Enclosure: 8" x 6" x 4" Fiberglass, NEMA 4X, 12, 13 Flange Mount
Power Requirement:

115 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 5VA
(230 VAC available)

Operating Temperature: -31° to +158°F (-35° to +70°C)
Output: DPDT Dry Contacts, 5A @ 240 VAC, or 30 VDC
Indicators: Green LED - Power
Red LED - Loop Fault
Yellow LED - Sense Flow
Red LED - Alarm
Interconnect Wiring: 5 Conductor Cable to FDS1000 Sensor, Intrinsically Safe
Alarm Fail-Safe: Switch Selectable FLOW or NO FLOW
Time Delay: FLOW delay, Single Turn, 0.1 - 15 Seconds
NO FLOW delay, Single Turn, 0.1 - 15 Seconds
Sensitivity Adjustment: High/Low Selectable, Single-turn Adjustment
Approvals: Ordinary Locations, Industrial Control Equipment
Intrinsically Safe Output to FDS1000 Sensor