BinMaster Level Control Product Specifications - Smart Bob II

BinMaster product sheet: Continuous Level: Smart Bob II

Electronic Features

  1. Test button to operate remote from top of storage vessel.

  2. Heavy-duty right angle gear drive reversible motor with bronze metal gears.

  3. Sealed and explosion proof enclosure.

  4. Optical sensor wheel pulses at 80 times per foot, twice the resolution of most competitive models, and measures on the ascend and descend.

  5. A simple and economical multi-drop RS-485 communication link, communicating digitally over a shielded communication cable, wired in series to each remote.

  6. Dip switch setting to address each remote, 128-channel configuration.

  7. Option override circuit can be set to prohibit measurements during fill cycle.

  8. Built in transformer allows units to run on 110 or 230VAC.

  9. Dual conduit entry.