BinMaster Level Control Product Specifications - Smart Bob II

BinMaster product sheet: Continuous Level: Smart Bob II

Mechanical Features

  1. Cable leveling supply pulley evenly winds cable back on the supply pulley every time, eliminating cable overlap that causes stuck sensor probes.

  2. Idler Arm Brake stops the sensor probe from sliding down the angle of repose during filling/load-out cycle and from sinking through light material, eliminating burying sensor and false readings.

  3. One-Piece molded housing design completely isolates and seals the electronics from the mechanical compartment.

  4. Strong, Lightweight and compact design (20 lbs).

  5. All pulleys are machined and captivated making it physically impossible for the cable to slip off any of the pulley wheels and nest in the housing.

  6. Air purge connection is standard on all units. A small amount of air will keep all foreign materials out of the housing, and purge material off of the cable.

  7. Cable wrapped completely around timing pulley. This pulley is connected to a slotted wheel, which measures the distance that the probe sensor travels. Any cable slip will adversely affect measurement accuracy.
  1. All pulleys and lever arms are designed with sealed ball bearings for smooth and lasting operation.

  2. Heavy Nylon or Teflon coated 316 Stainless Steel cable with 270 lb. tensile strength.

  3. Cleaning brushes track and clean cable, eliminating material buildup on the cable and in the housing. Brushes are accessible and very easy to remove and clean.

  4. Pulley scraper keeps channels of entry pulley's free of any foreign materials.

  5. CPVC throat insert with 3 functions:

    1. Seals unit when sensor probe is at its neutral position at the top of the vessel.

    2. Bushing to prevent cable from a scrapping on the vessels ceiling or standpipe.

    3. Eliminates sensor probe from freezing to standpipe.

  6. SureDrop Cable Release System eliminates the sensor probe from sticking due to material buildup or freezing. This standard feature eliminates the need for expensive heater systems.